New 'hot-list' of company fleets planning EV charging installations

15 Oct

Electric Village, working with its data marketing partners,  has complied a 'hot-list' of over 50,000 UK businesses that operate vehicle fleets and have opted-in to receiving sales information about electric vehicle workplace charging infrastructure. Records contain detailed contact information, fleet size and type, geographic location, type and size of business, turnover and credit rating.

We are approaching the perfect storm for installations of charging points in company car parks, as tax breaks and Government incentives are set to create a surge in demand for plug-in vehicles. 

Presently companies can claim up to £10,000 towards the cost of installing charging points through OLEV's Workplace Charging Scheme. From next April company car drivers that go electric no longer pay Benefit in Kind tax. Employers also get some relief from National Insurance payments and can make use of 100 per cent first year investment write-downs on both vehicle and charging infrastructure - there will never be a better time to install charging points in company car parks.

 Fixed cost 90-day Campaign Plan

Working with Electric Village identifies the optimum type and number of businesses that should form your 90-day email and re marketing plan, that will most likely deliver the infrastructure sales leads you need. Our design team will work with you to create an email that gets the right message across and maximises interest. After each completed send, our full management report will show you all those who engaged, and who clicked through to your website along with their contact details. 

Our team will then follow up with a personalised email based on the initial engagement with the objective to organise a call. Our dedicated campaign manager will co ordinate the full campaign and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We can also integrate the 90-day plan into wider existing inbound strategies you might have or create them.

All company records are verified and updated every 30 days. A larger GDPR compliance campaign is run every 90 days to ensure all those within the database are aware they are part of a marketing database and know about the types of businesses that will be introduced. An opt-out option is accessible at all times.

Electric Village is a results driven marketing communications agency, focussed on zero emission technology and issues. As such its target marketing is very precise and highly cost effective. Campaign costs are quoted upfront and depend on size and scope of the campaign - expect pennies not pounds per contact!

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