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Our focus

A common purpose and direction, bringing together digital marketeers, media strategists, designers, writers, film producers, event managers and social media specialists. Electric Village has a single focus on zero emission issues and technology. We work in the disrupting space emerging between energy and transportation. We build and protect brands and reputations. A hotbed of ideas and insights, we are also extremely well connected.


We engage your audiences with content that drives awareness, traffic and sales because we have a unique combination of creativity and expertise in zero emission technology and issues. Unveiling the world’s most talked about hybrid electric car, Boris Johnson delivers a moment of incalculable media value by disappearing off into the Tokyo traffic with the launch car. You just couldn't make it up but actually we did! Creating real news value from your corporate or product announcement is never a given. It takes creativity, impact, organisation and many years of professionalism to deliver top results. For a flawless launch or endlessly engaging earned media campaign, speak to us.

FORMULA-E reaches sustainability aware MILLENNIALS IN their MILLIONS


We are accredited with leading Formula-E Prix racing teams, so we know the best sponsorship opportunities available. We also develop the media content that fully leverages your investment. Formula-E delivers a special audience, over 60 million viewers per month and 33.3 million social media engagements per season.


Speak to us about full season and single venue programmes, including brand ambassador engagements, tickets and hospitality, endorsements, business networking and behind the scenes experiential events.

Social Media


The world’s fastest snowboarder (plus followers), frozen lake and an aeroplane. What could possibly go wrong? Jeopardy engages a social media audience like nothing else. In the UK alone there are over 200 social media influencers that are favourable towards sustainability issues, reaching an estimated 20 million followers. Influencers are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise. They make regular posts on social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic engaged people who pay close attention to their views. For instance Electric Village guest panelist Robert Llewellyn presents Fully Charged. The leading electric vehicle and renewable energy channel has been viewed over 64 million times. Electric Village has an exclusive arrangement to search and access these numbers in a measurable way, to maximise message credibility and campaign awareness.

Media placement

Your media trust us because we are the sector specialists.

We don’t always rely on the traditional press release to build good media relations. In fact sometimes it’s more about what we don’t say and who we don’t tell. Being specialist in zero emission issues and technology means we can place quality PR content with a high degree of accuracy and certainty.

Electric Village is frequently approached for the latest content and comment. We are a first point of call for executive interviews, technology presentations and media background briefings.

Media placement

Amazing conferences and events that engage and inspire

Creation to completion




The blueprint that sets down how we will mobilise resources to achieve your marketing objectives.



Compelling online content that drives inbound marketing, as prospects research and discover solutions to make their purchase decisions.



Increase sales operational efficiency and grow revenue faster with streamlined and measured automated marketing.


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