Our Charging Rights agreement is for 20 years, with options to extend. The contract details all the obligations, rights and requirements of both parties. It is not restrictive in the event of a sale and does not grant us any rights under the Utilities Act.
There is nothing to pay and in fact we set aside a percentage of our revenues over time to support the upgrade of the power supply to the property as electric vehicle numbers grow. Electric Village retains ownership and responsibility for its charging equipment, its operation and management and all necessary insurance cover.
Your fundamental guarantee our tariffs will be fair is that residents can always vote with their actions. Our business model relies on long term loyalty and usage.
Our agreement is exclusive, so you won’t be able to enter into other arrangements with electric vehicle charging companies, in the same location. You can’t obstruct our chargers or stop residents from using them, or allow anything to compromise our business activity. Where necessary we will need any third party consents.

Obviously we will need rights of access to lay cables and install chargers, and access to make repairs, maintenance. If we are not able to connect our own electricity supply and meter, we will need access to the building supply.

If you are planning building works, you need to keep us informed so that we have adequate time to modify our charging system where necessary.

Our preference is to arrange a unique supply and meter. This means residents can benefit from our terms with energy providers. If we need to share the existing building supply, we pay you for all our usage.

We don't add a margin to the electricity supply. Electric Village will manage and fund all necessary upgrades to the supply required for charging vehicles.

Private and public sector investment is behind Electric Village. The company’s founders have been involved with electric vehicle charging since the earliest days of the technology, with many thousands of installations and satisfied customers.

Electric Village is taking a long term view. It will make significant investments that will see charging points in a large number of the four million resident parking spaces across the UK.

Electric Village takes care of any available Government incentives to the full benefit of landlords and residents but this only makes a limited contribution. And does not allow for ongoing management.
Without our economies of scale it would cost you around £2000 per space but that does not include on going charger management, 24/7 resident support, safety and maintenance, tariffs, billing and all the other activities required to make service levels outstanding. It’s a big management task too!
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