Electric Village is an electric vehicle charging company focussed on the problem apartment residents encounter when they buy an electric car and need to install a charger ‘at home’ in their landlord-owned parking area. Electric Village 100% funds, manages and owns the entire installation, paid for over the years from usage revenues.
Your landlord grants Electric Village exclusive rights to provide electric vehicle charging in your resident car parking spaces. We install our equipment in 100 per cent of the spaces, so everyone has the same access. When residents buy an electric car, we deliver a range of subscription-based charging services.
There is a £59.99 one-time activation fee. Subscriptions start from £30.99 per month, plus your vehicle's electricity usage. We add the electricity cost to your bill but we don't add any margin. All our buying power is passed directly on to you. 
We use 7.4 kW chargers, which provides around 30 miles per hour of charging. For vehicles charging 'at home' this is more than adequate. Most charging is through the night.
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