Low cost charging

You pay for charging at your normal tariff rate, or less if we supply electricity to the building. We don't add a margin. There is isn't a lower cost way of charging, if you live in an apartment.


Secure access

You get exclusive use of your own charger, managed through your mobile phone (or RFID card if you prefer). Either way you are in complete control, and have full access to your charging statistics and history.


Nationwide service

You can be confident Electric Village will always be there for you. All chargers are connected to our nationwide digital platform. We are experienced, expert and on the case 24/7.


No installation cost

Electric Village installs its electric vehicle charging system across 100 per cent of a building's parking spaces at no cost to you or your landlord. When you switch to a plug-in car, we have low cost subscriptions for you to choose from.


Future proof charging

As apartment buildings become the new filling stations, the future presents many opportunities for vehicle charging to benefit society. Our chargers are future ready.


7.4 kW chargers

Our charging systems optimise charging with the natural load requirements of your apartment building. Everything works in balance. All you know is your vehicle is fully charged when you need.

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